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I joined [ profile] jan1_2008 and am doing their 101/1001 challenge - 101 goals in 1001 days - thanks to [ profile] bedsidesaucers for pointing me in the right direction! :) Here's my list and it's going post dated and I will edit it and blog about every one that I do! Crossposted to [ profile] jan1_2008 as well.

Places and Activities:
1. Go to the Zoo - August 08
2. Go to Northwest Trek – 1/13/08
3.attend at least 1 play - Leading Ladies, starring my friend M, October 08
4.attend 3 musicals - Sound of Music, Jan 08 (1/3)
5.Sing on stage (0/1)
6.Go to Disneyland! - July 1-3, 2008!
7.Have a Girls Night out with my girls at least 3 times a year (1/8)
8.Take a road trip. - thanksgiving 08, to California with my dad and bro
9.Take a train trip. - June/July 08, with my cousin to wedding
10.Plan 3 parties. - New Years Eve 08/09 (1/3)

Smarty McSmartersons: research on whether iron in my daily vitamin is really good for me - Not as necessary as I'd thought.
12.Help others with their lists (1/3) emailed someone re: financial goal
13.Read 33 books (at least one book per month, but sometimes I can skip a month and make it up in another) (4/33)
End of America - Letter to a Patriot
Still Life with Woodpecker - Tom Robbins
Masters of Suspension - bio of the new Narrows Bridge
You on a Diet - Dr. Oz

Health and Exercise:
14.Stay heart-attack free during age 29 (My doctor told me once that I would have a heart-attack at that age and it’s kinda stuck with me)
15.Lose 10% of my weight (27 pounds, so down to 245) - actually gained back my weight...
16.Lose 10% of my weight after that (down to 220)
17.Lose 2 inches from my upper arms - at least I did my starting measurements
18.Lose 2 inches from my thighs
19.Lose 5 inches from my waist
20.Lose 2 inches from my chest (boo, but necessary)
21.workout at least 5 times a week (15 mins) for 3 months (0/3)
22.workout at least 2 times a week (30 mins) for 3 months (0/3)
23.Get below 200 pounds and stay there!
24.brush teeth twice a day for one month (hopefully to start the habit! This requires finding a toothpaste that I like because I hate mint and cinnamon flavors) (0/30)
25.use mouthwash daily for 120 days (again, finding a mouthwash I can stand!) (0/120)
26.Get Dental Insurance
27.Visit Dentist with said dental insurance
28.Get eyes checked by an Opthamologist
29.Update eyeglass prescription. yoga in the morning 5 days a week for at least 3 months (Sun Salutation) (0/3)
31.Be healthy enough that my doctor reduces or eliminates at least one of my blood pressure medicines
32.get moles removed from forehead/cheek
33.Go 33 different weeks without soda at all. (4/33)
34.avoid buying deodorant with aluminum in it. - Failed - found that it doesn't work for me, so technically, completed.
35.Get 8 hours of sleep each night for one month. (0/30)
36.Avoid caffeine after 2pm (Unless I need to stay up past my bedtime for an important reason).
37.Get 100 points per month on – starting points: 882 (1146/4182) 2/29/08
Jan 08 - 160 points Feb 08 - 104 points

Online and computer Life:
38.Tag all previous LJ posts about each task completed (1/101)
40.organize my photos on my computer a usb drive to store my personal pictures/music on - purchased
42.make up a new password and re-password all my websites.

Stuff I’ve never gotten around to but need to:
43.Change voting registration to new address before 2008 election - DONE
44.Buy a shredder
45.Shred all those old bank statements and old household bills in the piles in my room
46.Maintain a clean dining room for 3 months (It was clean for my 2007-2008 new years party) (3/3)
47.Learn to play Hand and Foot (canasta deviation)
48. Stick up for myself at a time when I say one thing but am thinking another. Blog about how it felt.

Business and Financial:
49.Scan all the old stuff on my desk from year 2007
50.Earn at least $50k during a tax season (billed by April 15th) (0/50000) - 38k in 08
51.Earn at least $100k during a year (billed out by Oct 15th) (0/100000) - $60k in 2008
52.Eliminate all credit card debt. (20k/0)
53.Use personal credit card less than once every 3 months.
54.Only buy what’s on my shopping list when I go to the grocery store the first 10 days of each month. (1/33) - Not working for me - Fall of 08
55. Develop a system for organizing my office workflow and stick to it for at least 6 months. (0/6)
56.put enough $ in my savings account to cover 3 missed paychecks for emergency purposes. (0/3600)
57.Bring Food to work for lunch 4 days a week - 1 week each month (2/33)
All 5 days!!! Jan 7-11, 08
All 5 Days Jan 14-18, 2008

58.Teach at least 6 classes. (0/6)
59.Finalize new website.

Stuff I want/need/fun stuff:
60.Buy a computer - new laptop, April 08
61.Get my piano moved to my house (at least one of them).
62.Continue my piano playing at least once a week after the piano is moved.
63.See 6 movies in a theater (I almost never do this.) (2/6)
Dark Knight
Madagascar 2
64.Buy a car
65.Get a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts
66.Buy all of the Leo DiCaprio DVD’s that I do not own(post growing pains).
Bought Man in the Iron Mask 1/08(9/25)

I don't have:
Poison Ivy
This Boys Life
What's Eating Gilbert Grape (but I've seen it)
The Foot Shooting Party
The Quick and The Dead (but I've seen it)
Total Eclipse (but I've seen it, and now don't want to own it)
Marvins Room (but I've seen it)
The Beach
Don's Plum

I have:
Basketball diaries (on VHS and DVD)
Romeo + Juliet
The Man in the Iron Mask
Gangs of New York
Catch Me If you can
The Aviator
The Departed
Blood Diamond

Coming up:
Body of Lies (2008)
Revolutionary Road (2008)
Freedom within the heart (2008)
Shutter Island (2009)
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (2009)
The Chancellor Manuscript (2009)

67.Buy the Girls Next Door Workout DVD.
68.Buy the entire series of Lost on DVD. (1/4)
69.Get a massage.
70.Spend one entire day in bed.
71.Buy 6 new bras. (2/6)
72.Replay Kingdom Hearts.
73.Replay KH2, and finish it this time.
74.Finish Final Fantasy XII.
75.Discover 10 new (to me) musical groups that I like. (4/10)
Straight No Chaser
Idina Menzel

76.Watch 33 movies I’ve never seen. (33/33)

Domestic stuff:
77.Clean out closet once per year, giving clothes to charity I don’t wear anymore. - 08 done
78.Redo my room new “adult” furniture for my room (not plastic shelving)
80.Try my new slow cooker with two different recipes (1/2) - fondue party
81.Try cooking 15 things I’ve never tried to make (5/15)
Pad See-Ew
tofu stir fry
Pork Chops! and it worked!
Bean thread noodles
Beer Bread

82.Put up at least 3 art pieces in the living room (2/3) - Yuna silk poster, framed grandma artwork.
83.Put up at least 2 art pieces in my bedroom (0/2)
84.Find a small art piece for the small bathroom.

85-89. TBD by April 30th, 2008 -
85. Watch Dr. Who Season 3
86. Watch Lost Season 1
87. Watch Lost Season 2
88. Start doing monthly self-breast exams
89. Go at least one day a week for 4 weeks not doing personal stuff online at work

90-94. TBD by Dec. 31st, 2008 -
90. Go to Northwest Trek when it is not winter
91. Do my skin routine at least 2 weeks in a row everyday (0/14)
92. Buy makeup and learn to wear it for the June 09 bridesmaid duties
93. Save enough $$ to stay in the Grand Californian hotel at Disneyland in Oct 09 (0/1200)
94. Buy a DSi (out in July of 09, last I checked) and Personal Trainer: Cooking.
95-99. TBD by April 30th, 2009
100-101. TBD by Dec 31st, 2009

$5 to charity for every goal not met by the end!

Not started
In progress


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