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My boyfriend's ex calls him up this morning, and the poor man is trying to fry eggs, sausage, butter some toast and hold a phone. He tells her this, as he's having a hard time making breakfast while talking to her. She replies, "Oh, you can multitask, you're fine." Then she hears that I'm standing right next to him, and all of a sudden tells him she'll call him back later.

I think women are really conditioned from an early age to be in competition with each other for men, and I think that is ridiculous. I've learned that no matter who you are, how pretty you are, how smart you are or aren't, there is someone out there who likes you for you. No man ever says in his wedding vows that "I picked you because you were prettier than Jane and smarter than Marcy."

If I call an ex of mine, and I hear that he has a girl there, good for him. (Better her than me!) I'll say hello and find out how her day is going. She's a person too! If you don't, you end up sounding like my boyfriend's ex, kinda sad and shady.


Jul. 8th, 2011 11:23 am
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...mostly on facebook these days...

*peeks in, contemplates posting again soon*
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I joined [ profile] jan1_2008 and am doing their 101/1001 challenge - 101 goals in 1001 days - thanks to [ profile] bedsidesaucers for pointing me in the right direction! :) Here's my list and it's going post dated and I will edit it and blog about every one that I do! Crossposted to [ profile] jan1_2008 as well.

Places and Activities:
1. Go to the Zoo - August 08
2. Go to Northwest Trek – 1/13/08
3.attend at least 1 play - Leading Ladies, starring my friend M, October 08
4.attend 3 musicals - Sound of Music, Jan 08 (1/3)
5.Sing on stage (0/1)
6.Go to Disneyland! - July 1-3, 2008!
7.Have a Girls Night out with my girls at least 3 times a year (1/8)
8.Take a road trip. - thanksgiving 08, to California with my dad and bro
9.Take a train trip. - June/July 08, with my cousin to wedding
10.Plan 3 parties. - New Years Eve 08/09 (1/3)

Smarty McSmartersons: research on whether iron in my daily vitamin is really good for me - Not as necessary as I'd thought.
12.Help others with their lists (1/3) emailed someone re: financial goal
13.Read 33 books (at least one book per month, but sometimes I can skip a month and make it up in another) (4/33)
End of America - Letter to a Patriot
Still Life with Woodpecker - Tom Robbins
Masters of Suspension - bio of the new Narrows Bridge
You on a Diet - Dr. Oz

Health and Exercise:
14.Stay heart-attack free during age 29 (My doctor told me once that I would have a heart-attack at that age and it’s kinda stuck with me)
15.Lose 10% of my weight (27 pounds, so down to 245) - actually gained back my weight...
16.Lose 10% of my weight after that (down to 220)
17.Lose 2 inches from my upper arms - at least I did my starting measurements
18.Lose 2 inches from my thighs
19.Lose 5 inches from my waist
20.Lose 2 inches from my chest (boo, but necessary)
21.workout at least 5 times a week (15 mins) for 3 months (0/3)
22.workout at least 2 times a week (30 mins) for 3 months (0/3)
23.Get below 200 pounds and stay there!
24.brush teeth twice a day for one month (hopefully to start the habit! This requires finding a toothpaste that I like because I hate mint and cinnamon flavors) (0/30)
25.use mouthwash daily for 120 days (again, finding a mouthwash I can stand!) (0/120)
26.Get Dental Insurance
27.Visit Dentist with said dental insurance
28.Get eyes checked by an Opthamologist
29.Update eyeglass prescription. yoga in the morning 5 days a week for at least 3 months (Sun Salutation) (0/3)
31.Be healthy enough that my doctor reduces or eliminates at least one of my blood pressure medicines
32.get moles removed from forehead/cheek
33.Go 33 different weeks without soda at all. (4/33)
34.avoid buying deodorant with aluminum in it. - Failed - found that it doesn't work for me, so technically, completed.
35.Get 8 hours of sleep each night for one month. (0/30)
36.Avoid caffeine after 2pm (Unless I need to stay up past my bedtime for an important reason).
37.Get 100 points per month on – starting points: 882 (1146/4182) 2/29/08
Jan 08 - 160 points Feb 08 - 104 points

Online and computer Life:
38.Tag all previous LJ posts about each task completed (1/101)
40.organize my photos on my computer a usb drive to store my personal pictures/music on - purchased
42.make up a new password and re-password all my websites.

Stuff I’ve never gotten around to but need to:
43.Change voting registration to new address before 2008 election - DONE
44.Buy a shredder
45.Shred all those old bank statements and old household bills in the piles in my room
46.Maintain a clean dining room for 3 months (It was clean for my 2007-2008 new years party) (3/3)
47.Learn to play Hand and Foot (canasta deviation)
48. Stick up for myself at a time when I say one thing but am thinking another. Blog about how it felt.

Business and Financial:
49.Scan all the old stuff on my desk from year 2007
50.Earn at least $50k during a tax season (billed by April 15th) (0/50000) - 38k in 08
51.Earn at least $100k during a year (billed out by Oct 15th) (0/100000) - $60k in 2008
52.Eliminate all credit card debt. (20k/0)
53.Use personal credit card less than once every 3 months.
54.Only buy what’s on my shopping list when I go to the grocery store the first 10 days of each month. (1/33) - Not working for me - Fall of 08
55. Develop a system for organizing my office workflow and stick to it for at least 6 months. (0/6)
56.put enough $ in my savings account to cover 3 missed paychecks for emergency purposes. (0/3600)
57.Bring Food to work for lunch 4 days a week - 1 week each month (2/33)
All 5 days!!! Jan 7-11, 08
All 5 Days Jan 14-18, 2008

58.Teach at least 6 classes. (0/6)
59.Finalize new website.

Stuff I want/need/fun stuff:
60.Buy a computer - new laptop, April 08
61.Get my piano moved to my house (at least one of them).
62.Continue my piano playing at least once a week after the piano is moved.
63.See 6 movies in a theater (I almost never do this.) (2/6)
Dark Knight
Madagascar 2
64.Buy a car
65.Get a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts
66.Buy all of the Leo DiCaprio DVD’s that I do not own(post growing pains).
Bought Man in the Iron Mask 1/08(9/25)

I don't have:
Poison Ivy
This Boys Life
What's Eating Gilbert Grape (but I've seen it)
The Foot Shooting Party
The Quick and The Dead (but I've seen it)
Total Eclipse (but I've seen it, and now don't want to own it)
Marvins Room (but I've seen it)
The Beach
Don's Plum

I have:
Basketball diaries (on VHS and DVD)
Romeo + Juliet
The Man in the Iron Mask
Gangs of New York
Catch Me If you can
The Aviator
The Departed
Blood Diamond

Coming up:
Body of Lies (2008)
Revolutionary Road (2008)
Freedom within the heart (2008)
Shutter Island (2009)
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (2009)
The Chancellor Manuscript (2009)

67.Buy the Girls Next Door Workout DVD.
68.Buy the entire series of Lost on DVD. (1/4)
69.Get a massage.
70.Spend one entire day in bed.
71.Buy 6 new bras. (2/6)
72.Replay Kingdom Hearts.
73.Replay KH2, and finish it this time.
74.Finish Final Fantasy XII.
75.Discover 10 new (to me) musical groups that I like. (4/10)
Straight No Chaser
Idina Menzel

76.Watch 33 movies I’ve never seen. (33/33)

Domestic stuff:
77.Clean out closet once per year, giving clothes to charity I don’t wear anymore. - 08 done
78.Redo my room new “adult” furniture for my room (not plastic shelving)
80.Try my new slow cooker with two different recipes (1/2) - fondue party
81.Try cooking 15 things I’ve never tried to make (5/15)
Pad See-Ew
tofu stir fry
Pork Chops! and it worked!
Bean thread noodles
Beer Bread

82.Put up at least 3 art pieces in the living room (2/3) - Yuna silk poster, framed grandma artwork.
83.Put up at least 2 art pieces in my bedroom (0/2)
84.Find a small art piece for the small bathroom.

85-89. TBD by April 30th, 2008 -
85. Watch Dr. Who Season 3
86. Watch Lost Season 1
87. Watch Lost Season 2
88. Start doing monthly self-breast exams
89. Go at least one day a week for 4 weeks not doing personal stuff online at work

90-94. TBD by Dec. 31st, 2008 -
90. Go to Northwest Trek when it is not winter
91. Do my skin routine at least 2 weeks in a row everyday (0/14)
92. Buy makeup and learn to wear it for the June 09 bridesmaid duties
93. Save enough $$ to stay in the Grand Californian hotel at Disneyland in Oct 09 (0/1200)
94. Buy a DSi (out in July of 09, last I checked) and Personal Trainer: Cooking.
95-99. TBD by April 30th, 2009
100-101. TBD by Dec 31st, 2009

$5 to charity for every goal not met by the end!

Not started
In progress

7 things

Feb. 18th, 2010 10:11 pm
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A - List 7 habits/quirks/facts.
B - Tag 7 people to do the same
C - Don't tag the person who tagged you, or tag "Whoever wants to do it".

1. I do not know how to snap, whistle, or ride a bike. I have learned how to fake-snap, can do a high pitched dog-whistleish sort of thing, and I can ride a bike with training wheels, but that's it. I'm just not that interested, I suppose.

2. I have pasta cravings now that I'm trying to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. I don't really enjoy eating protein, sadly. But hopefully it will come.

3. I can only really be with someone who is verbally/emotionally intimate. If someone doesn't know how to put their feelings into words, it really bothers me and makes me want to point it out all the time. It just doesn't work. I really appreciate people who own their feelings, and are always striving to be better. People consider me to be stable and reliable, but it's mostly because when I am emotional, I put it out there and try to understand it and work past it.

4. I like watching reality tv. Some of it. Mostly the celebreality, not the normal everyday people. Don't know why that is.

5. I enjoy music, but I enjoy the logics of music more than I love the artisticness of it. This is why I cannot write music but arranging comes very naturally and I enjoy the structure of the chords and harmonies.

6. I truly feel that young people get stupider with each generation. I realize that every generation feels that way about younger people, but I feel like it is even more true these days. Such a shame too, considering all the information out there is so much easier to look up, learn, and enjoy, in more and more interesting ways. I can't believe I didn't have the internet until college, although I guess I also didn't have the distraction of the internet either.

7. I wish sometimes that I could just stop getting older.

Tagging? Oh man, I'm not here enough to even know who to tag!
salinn: (Default), I haven't left. I've just started a huge weight loss effort and making videos on youtube like this one.

This is pretty much taking up the rest of my time after work - working out has become a huge priority for me and I just have to do it. I'm 30 and I'm done being fat.

So if you're so inclined, come on over and subscribe. I'll still be here reading and sometimes posting.

I may post my vids over here occasionally as well, just to make sure you all didn't think I died.

Personal life is shit right now. I'm not just saying that because it's valentine's day. I'm just not letting it affect me right now, I have so much else to worry about. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.


Dec. 16th, 2009 01:32 pm
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RIP Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt Disney and son of Roy O. Disney. You will be missed.

Weird week.

Oct. 5th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Saturday, I received a dozen eggs as a tip. Today? 30 homemade egg rolls, 3 green peppers, and a white stubby squash-looking thing.

Meanwhile, the deadline is the 15th, mind you, and I had 3 walk-ins drop things off(all whom I haven't seen yet this year), including one who brought me a huge box, told me she was leaving town on the 9th, and could I please do all the adding myself this year?

2 of them didn't leave anything, but said they were finally getting around to getting their stuff together and had a few questions.

Um, I don't know how many days you're gonna give me to do this, folks, but...yeah.

Soon it'll be over and i'll be on vacation...not a tough day, just...running out of time!

tomorrow, up at 5:30, for an early morning meeting...
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Hey folks, been keeping up with all of you but just been more into facebook these days. However, having some issues currently that I really can't rant about there and the friend group I have here is a bit more...well, trustworthy, I guess you could say. Anonymous.

Yesterday, Monday, was a great day. Usually the phones are ringing off the hook, yet they were silent. I had some large projects on my desk, and actually finished one off and almost completed another. Just kept my head down and plowed through the work. Our business isn't bringing in very much money and it doesn't look like I'll get paid any time soon here, so it's been a bit depressing, but very motivating to finish things up that I can be paid for as quickly as I can.

Backstory, my father and I own this business together, but I control all the money. He's quite irresponsible with it and he'd spend it before we'd even earned it, and I really have to rein him in quite a bit when all is said and done. My mother is currently unemployed and looking for work, and my brother is also unemployed, out of school, and basically being a bum. Therefore, if they aren't getting paid either, they aren't getting money whatsoever at all. They are completely upside down in their house and are in the middle of renegotiating their mortgage and they think Obama's plan will save them...they've owned it for 30 years and I think they're going to move out before xmas if this doesn't work out - where will they live? NEXT DOOR TO ME (I live in a duplex they own and rent from them) AUGH. They are still about $70k in debt from credit cards which they are currently not paying (and trying to negotiate) but you can't really negotiate when you've got nothing, ya know? Anyway...

My father got some traffic tickets a while back. Speeding tickets, nothing huge, but there were like two of them in a month's time. He's constantly getting speeding tickets (maybe 1 every other year?) because he just doesn't pay attention to the way he's driving. He's not "unsafe" just likes to go faster than he should, never signals, etc. So last year I said, "Well, lets pay them" and he put them off. In July of last year, we ran out of money (so I guess I should feel good that we're only "just" running out of money now in September) and then we couldn't get his tickets paid. As soon as tax season started this year, I asked him for the tickets so I could send in the money. I asked him probably 4 or 5 times because it was very important since they were past due at this point. Well he never did and I'd forgotten about it, since I've been paying him a paycheck again I figured he took care of it.

Well, he didn't. This morning he was pulled over for speeding and they told him his license had been suspended since OCTOBER 08. My brother was in the car, so he took over driving for dad and they didn't arrest him, thank god, but I don't have the money for those things now! On top of that, mom called me - she's pretty pissed about it as well - and asked me to pay for an oil change for her car! My parents are driving to boise to visit my aunt this weekend - and my aunt sent them money for gas, my mother is pissed because my brother and her have to now split the long drive and can't rely on dad to help them. I just don't think they can afford this trip, they just don't seem to see that...

Dad then asked me for money for his medicines. That's about $200. I'm sorry, but our business needs to PAY RENT and things to stay open, I honestly just don't have anything extra. I'm kind of in denial still about not paying my own self, not quite sure how to pull out the $6000 again from credit cards to short term loan myself my own bills for the upcoming few months, I just don't know how I'm gonna do it.

On top of all this (I know this is a little thing, but it's irritating) Walmart has announced a recall on all the durabrand DVD players they sold ever (about 1.2 million) because they've been shown to meltdown and never play again, and in certain cases have started fires. I own one, it's in my bedroom, and I've always hated it (it's noisy while it plays) so I'm actually wanting to turn it in, but it was only $29 in the first place and I can't really afford to replace it so I guess it's no dvd player for a while...unless walmart has another fire-starting dvd player on sale? $29 I guess will pay for my phone bill for one more month.

It's just kind of all hitting me today, I feel like I'm just going to cry.

There's also some random "hanging out and being single" issues that I'm having, but currently the financial issues of the family completely trump that, and I'm ready to throw up my hands and walk away. I'm just so... done. I am so glad PAX is this weekend, the getaway will be so good for me.


Jun. 8th, 2009 11:36 am
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My father's car was in his driveway and someone went through it and took his cell phone. There were three phone calls made from it, all to the same number: 253-208-7708. I can see that that number belongs to a cell phone in the Tacoma WA area, but nothing else. Does anyone else have google-fu good enough to find out a name or address?

If you'd like to call that number just for kicks to see if they can tell you who called them if you'd like to be a detective, go right ahead...

We did turn off Dad's phone, the account is currently suspended and cannot be used.


May. 25th, 2009 12:39 pm
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LJ, you are going to spotlight a community that basically broke your system because it was already too popular? LOL...
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Hey LJ,

I haven't been here posting for a while, but I have been following, so I am keeping up to date. I'm trying to only let facebook take over from myspace, not from LJ! I still love my LJ and all of you. So what is going on in the life of me? Let's take a look.

In some ways, life has completely sucked. I was sick during tax season with everything you could possibly think of, I have been heavily medicated at times, trying to control my blood pressure, having dizzy spells, and generally crazy at work.

In other news, my work has finally taken off, i'm looking forward to being in two weddings and going to disneyland, and heading to PAX for game convention fun. Also heading out for two tax conventions and the new Harry Potter movie.

First the down side.

In January I had my wisdom teeth removed (all two of them) followed closely by a bad sinus infection and some short dizzy spells. My blood pressure was running at incredibly high levels and I started monitoring regularly and went on a low sodium diet to try and help counteract. I thought everything was running smoothly for a few weeks (during the most crazy season at work) and then I came down with the flu (not the swine variety, this was before all that). I finally got done with the season (barely) and went to the doc and had my medications increased, adding a new med to my list that I'd never taken before. i am stepping up slowly and each time I get a new type of dizzy, so it's been less than fun. Just this past week I went to the doctor again, because I also had some stomach pain and tenderness, turns out to be a bladder infection, yippee. Bring on some more antibiotics! Side effects? Oh, just DIZZYness. You can see where this is going. I've spent most of my weekend in bed or sitting playing video games and relaxing and being dizzy.

On the good side, this tax season was the most successful I've ever had. I was up in clients, I was up in money, there wasn't my usual lull in March, and I wasn't able to help dad out as much as I'd liked, and he got more behind than we thought, but overall we both improved our businesses. I'm hoping this means that I can pay myself all year long, which will be excellent. Last year we ran out of payroll in September, and I had to live off of credit the rest of the year (which I've just finished paying back, almost).

This summer, the fun begins! I am in two weddings, my cousins, both sisters of each other, although they have a difference in age of 6 years. The oldest is getting married in June in San Jose, and I'm a bridesmaid. The youngest is getting married on Halloween, at Disneyland (WAHOO!) and I'm the maid of honor.

Also in June I have two tax conventions to attend. The first is coming up here soon in the first week of June, but it's local so I'll be home every night, but the commute will be a bit longer than I'm used to now. The second will be away but I will be able to overnight at camp, and it's only a 2 day convention so much shorter than the first. I should be able to knock out most of my continuing ed during those two conventions and then all I'll have left is tax update, unless anything else jumps out at me as being overly interesting.

In July is the new Harry Potter movie and my girls and I already have some plans for seeing it as soon as possible. We probably won't dress up or anything, but we feel like we've been waiting for a really long time!

PAX (video game convention) is during labor day weekend this year, and J and I are having a little getaway to seattle and getting a hotel. I only went one day last year and loved it so I can't wait to really spend some time actually playing instead of just trying to see everything, and some time for the panels and music as well. Anyone else coming to town for this?

Anyway, that's what's been going on, a whole lot of nothing, saving up some money, paying down debt, being dizzy and generally on medication. Just plugging along. Nothing fancy, just keep the updates going...

Meme :)

May. 10th, 2009 07:04 pm
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Meme time!

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List 5 songs (with links to them, if you can find them) that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] strryeyedgrrl gave me the letter P. :)

here are my results! Clicky clicky! )
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I have a Wii.

Anyone have a friend code? All comments screened. I can't quite figure out how many numbers I need to write down for mine. I have a 12 number code and a 16 number code? Or maybe I'm just confused.


Mar. 25th, 2009 10:29 pm
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At this time last year, I'd only done 119. Now that's progress!!!

24 returns higher, and at my highest point I only had 8 returns in at a time, so this is 20 more than that! Ack!
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143 returns complete - I realize this means I've only done 20 returns in 15 days, according to my LJ posts - but now I realize that was an over-count - I've done 47 returns since the 10th of March, the last time I posted an update here. I was using my tax program to count and realized that I should have been counting with my billing program instead.

28 returns in, not complete.

$167 average return price ($111 January, $164 February, $185 March, so this should only be increasing as we go forward - completely normal)

My goal is $400 billing per day. Lately I've been doing thousand dollar days. Today was a $1500 day, mostly because I did a full partnership return today.
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Outraged Congress looking to recoup AIG bonuses through new taxes - Yahoo News

Love this. Full Link here - here are the highlights:

In the House, Reps. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., and Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, introduced a bill that would that would tax at 100 percent bonuses above $100,000 paid by companies that have received federal bailout money.

"It boggles my mind how these executives can be so unaware of what the American people are going through," said Ryan. He called his proposal "a wakeup call that the days of arrogance and greed on Wall Street are coming to an end. We will use any means necessary."

The Internal Revenue Service currently withholds 25 percent from bonuses less than $1 million and 35 percent for bonuses more than $1 million.


Sen. Charles Grassley suggested in an Iowa City radio interview on Monday that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility by resigning or killing themselves.

Harsh much?

But seriously, my father and I were *just* talking about how the government could easily control this outrageous bonus/executive package by simply changing IRS code to reflect that any money earned by a top executive over $250k (or whatever limitation amount) ceases to be deductible by the business as an expense.

See how many businesses are willing to pay an executive 16 million when they can't deduct it from their own tax returns. But this works too...
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As a favor, and especially if you like zombie fiction, could you head over to and vote for my friend [ profile] strryeyedgrrl please? Much appreciated!!! :) She's in danger of being voted off LJidol and she needs your help! :)

Feel free to read whoever's entries while you're there, as well. :)


Jan. 28th, 2009 09:54 pm
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At night, my cat turns into a psycho about watching out the window. She's only seeing the reflection of the TV, but she freaks out when it flashes and gets all big-eyed and hilarious.

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I was talking to someone about the amount of apples we sell here, it is what Washington is known for - and they didn't really believe me, goes:


Lots of apples at our local grocery!
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Especially to all my East coast Canadian friends - love this. is a great ad campaign. :)


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