May. 24th, 2009

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Hey LJ,

I haven't been here posting for a while, but I have been following, so I am keeping up to date. I'm trying to only let facebook take over from myspace, not from LJ! I still love my LJ and all of you. So what is going on in the life of me? Let's take a look.

In some ways, life has completely sucked. I was sick during tax season with everything you could possibly think of, I have been heavily medicated at times, trying to control my blood pressure, having dizzy spells, and generally crazy at work.

In other news, my work has finally taken off, i'm looking forward to being in two weddings and going to disneyland, and heading to PAX for game convention fun. Also heading out for two tax conventions and the new Harry Potter movie.

First the down side.

In January I had my wisdom teeth removed (all two of them) followed closely by a bad sinus infection and some short dizzy spells. My blood pressure was running at incredibly high levels and I started monitoring regularly and went on a low sodium diet to try and help counteract. I thought everything was running smoothly for a few weeks (during the most crazy season at work) and then I came down with the flu (not the swine variety, this was before all that). I finally got done with the season (barely) and went to the doc and had my medications increased, adding a new med to my list that I'd never taken before. i am stepping up slowly and each time I get a new type of dizzy, so it's been less than fun. Just this past week I went to the doctor again, because I also had some stomach pain and tenderness, turns out to be a bladder infection, yippee. Bring on some more antibiotics! Side effects? Oh, just DIZZYness. You can see where this is going. I've spent most of my weekend in bed or sitting playing video games and relaxing and being dizzy.

On the good side, this tax season was the most successful I've ever had. I was up in clients, I was up in money, there wasn't my usual lull in March, and I wasn't able to help dad out as much as I'd liked, and he got more behind than we thought, but overall we both improved our businesses. I'm hoping this means that I can pay myself all year long, which will be excellent. Last year we ran out of payroll in September, and I had to live off of credit the rest of the year (which I've just finished paying back, almost).

This summer, the fun begins! I am in two weddings, my cousins, both sisters of each other, although they have a difference in age of 6 years. The oldest is getting married in June in San Jose, and I'm a bridesmaid. The youngest is getting married on Halloween, at Disneyland (WAHOO!) and I'm the maid of honor.

Also in June I have two tax conventions to attend. The first is coming up here soon in the first week of June, but it's local so I'll be home every night, but the commute will be a bit longer than I'm used to now. The second will be away but I will be able to overnight at camp, and it's only a 2 day convention so much shorter than the first. I should be able to knock out most of my continuing ed during those two conventions and then all I'll have left is tax update, unless anything else jumps out at me as being overly interesting.

In July is the new Harry Potter movie and my girls and I already have some plans for seeing it as soon as possible. We probably won't dress up or anything, but we feel like we've been waiting for a really long time!

PAX (video game convention) is during labor day weekend this year, and J and I are having a little getaway to seattle and getting a hotel. I only went one day last year and loved it so I can't wait to really spend some time actually playing instead of just trying to see everything, and some time for the panels and music as well. Anyone else coming to town for this?

Anyway, that's what's been going on, a whole lot of nothing, saving up some money, paying down debt, being dizzy and generally on medication. Just plugging along. Nothing fancy, just keep the updates going...


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