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Tomorrow is the day that taxes are due. I'm SOOOOO glad about this. Saturday was one of the easiest days I've had in a while. Basically I have narrowed things down to a few piles. I've got "people who I've GOT to do before April 17th" which is no longer a pile, (YAY!) "my list of extensions" pile which was sent out mostly on Saturday, but I'm still checking with one of my clients for the one I've got left. Then I have a "don't even bother with these until after the season" pile, and my "waiting for information" pile (which now has been consolidated with my "list of extensions" pile). So basically, I've got nothing to do, which is how I like it this time of year, because meanwhile the phones are going absolutely crazy with people with last minute questions or who want extensions or have random tax questions. So I stay busy, even without "anything" to do. We're also getting people coming in to pick up their returns in record numbers so I was helping out at the front to collect bills and answer last minute questions, especially because out of 5 preparers, only 2 of us were even in on Saturday. I'm looking forward to leaving work at 5pm again for the rest of the year - yay!

My parents left Friday night for San Diego. Saturday morning they got on board a cruise ship heading for a week to Mexico. I dropped them off at the airport and now I'm in charge of their house, my brother, getting their mail/newspapers (which is an insane amount!) and all the rental properties/renters. At some point I need to deliver a check to someone doing work on one of the rentals for us but I'm not sure when I'm going to get that done. Probably Tuesday. My parents left us with no immediate cash, so hopefully nothing goes big-time wrong, but I have credit just in case. Mom did leave us a cake for Easter, baskets for me and my roommate (but not my brother, I think I'm supposed to put it together from the other stuff she gave me but I have no basket, so I'll figure something out). She also left me a big birthday present in the living room all wrapped up, which I haven't opened yet (my birthday is Friday). Friday night I moved into their house, brought all my stuff over and spent the night. Saturday after work I stopped by my house, and found that since my roommate also had gone for the weekend and taken her cat, my cat was destroying things all over the house. So I took my brother over to my house for the night and stayed up late watching movies and eating popcorn. Today he slept in on our couch and my cat is behaving better because she's scared of the "new person" in her domain. We'll leave later today for my parents house again, because then I'm guessing my roommate will be back here and her cat will be here all day so my cat isn't as bored.

Today I'm trying to get my laundry done before I go back to their house. I'll probably serve my brother the last of the enchiladas we have and then pull something out of here for dinner, since I can't figure out how to make anything from the stuff in their house. It's all diet stuff that I can't eat or stuff I don't know how to cook or stuff that requires lots of ingredients and cooking that I'm just not in the mood for. Monday will be my long day and his long day, then Tuesday-Friday my brother has late start and doesn't have to be at school until 10:15 and Tuesday I may not go in to work at all in celebration of the end of the season, and Friday either because of my birthday (although I may, I haven't decided). Saturday is a partylite candle party at my roommate's parents house, and a cleaning day for my parents house to get all the dishes we used done and get my brother to clean up his areas so they come home to a "sorta" cleaner house. I also plan to head out to camp for the campfire that night for FOSA, if everything goes alright. Sunday mom's coming home (Dad's going on another cruise from San Francisco to Seattle the week after) and then Monday I'm heading to 6th grade camp! My poor cat really is going to miss me!!!

Anyway, that's about it. I made it through tax season! Wooooo!

Next planned update: My goal was to make $40,000 by the end of the season. I made a few hundred in January, 9k in Feb, and 16k in March. Another 15k in April and I'll have made it! Very Possible! Woooo! Although, I guess I won't know for sure til May 1st...


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