Bad day.

Jan. 22nd, 2009 04:28 pm
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All power went out in my office today - we blew some fuse - and the guy who's office has the breakers was gone to lunch for two hours.

Right after we got the power turned back on, my chair broke. One of the legs (office chair, 5 legs with wheels outstretched from a pole at the base of the chair) just snapped in half. Granted, the chair was pretty old, but it was just right after the power thing...

Just not my day.
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NASA picks up noises in space louder than they ever expected - Cool!

Clicky here for more info!
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On top of the toothache, I have horrible cramps, and I'm trying to manage pain without mixing two bad drugs together. Harder than it looks, and remember when I've taken everything is getting very confusing!!!
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So after two days of complete and utter lack of pain, the jaw/tooth pain is back - and now that I have vicodin, I'm going to take it for the first time ever.

I'm a little nervous about how I'll feel, but all I'm doing is going straight to bed so I think it'll be okay.

Did I mention I'm going to the dentist on Thursday for a wisdom tooth extraction? God, I hope that solves the pain issue...because even the dentist wasn't 100% that was the problem. however, after taking the rinse for a few days I can tell now that the pain is actually coming from the back of my jaw and not the front like I thought...

Vicodin and sleep, NOW.


Jan. 8th, 2009 06:15 pm
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Went to the dentist yesterday for the toothache issue.

He found:
Severe gum inflammation all along the right side, lower.
A very small cavity right about center of where the pain was, but really couldn't believe that was causing the inflammation by itself.
A large cavity on my upper teeth on the very back tooth(other than the wisdom tooth) on that side, which wasn't where I was hurting at all, so he was confused about if that would have done it.
That I had some decay on my wisdom teeth and so I should get them all extracted - but good news! I only have two!! and is probably the reason for the gum ache/jaw ache with the bacteria and inflammation. (but might not be, just probably)

So next thursday I get a filling on the large cavity and then extraction of my two wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth. I'm a bit amazed that this entire time I've had two extra teeth on the one side of my mouth and never noticed, I thought I had 4 wisdom teeth...apparently not.

After tax season I'll get the full oral exam and he'll check out the rest of my teeth as well as filling the smaller cavity in the lower jaw.

He also gave me a bacterial rinse and after using it only twice so far, has improved the pain IMMENSELY. He also gave me Vicodin, which I've never taken and am a bit nervous about, but I'm halving them and only using half if I absolutely need help sleeping (which is apparently all you should be doing on Vicodin)!

So I'm VERY nervous about next Thursday - any advice from anyone who has had their wisdom teeth out and wants to share?

Also, I'm wondering if I should try to borrow an Ipod or mp3 player from someone for use during the procedure, I don't own anything like that for myself, I'm not a big fan, but for something like this it's almost motivating enough to spend the money (that I don't actually have).

I have planned a reward for myself when I live through this, though!!! :)


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Not that I want to go anywhere, but right now:

I-5 South is closed for a 20 mile stretch. Can't go south. Train service also.

All passes to Eastern Washington are now closed. Can't go east.

Flooding in the Fife area could require the closure of I-5 in the area north of the Puyallup River Bridge. This is where I work, although our work office isn't flooded, but that's my route in to work!


Jan. 7th, 2009 08:31 pm
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Dear people -

Since I've already had 4 of you come to me separately for the same problem, let me just announce the answer here.

If you are filling out a FAFSA form online, you go through 13 pages of questioning, then they want to charge you 79.99, that is NOT the official FAFSA site. You are on That is the problem, and yes, you have to start completely over if you want the free one. They are not related, and I wish that was more clear about this at the beginning.

Please enter, as that is the official site where you can fill it out for free.

Thank you.



Jan. 6th, 2009 08:56 am
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Wow Rita, your friend is in Spotlight!!!

Hot dog!

Jan. 5th, 2009 09:45 pm
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I've had a toothache for about a week now, bad enough that it's interrupting my sleep, making my life generally shitty. I just signed up for a dental discount plan today so tomorrow I can actually start calling dentists so I can get this taken care of before tax season really gets underway, but in the meantime I've been trying to find things that make me feel better.

Weirdly, it doesn't hurt when I eat, it makes it feel better, actually, to be chewing on something - which seems strange to me. When I'm laying down it feels worse. So I'm trying all the normal things - saltwater gargling, advil, cold compress, heat compress...nothing works for very long, or to take away all the pain.

So the other day I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, and my tooth felt GREAT for about 4 hours afterwards, didn't know why. Then a bit later I was reading online about toothache remedies and someone had posted about how they knew this was odd but they placed bologna on their gums and it was an instant removal of pain, they didn't know why either.

So the other night I'm lying in bed in total pain throughout my entire jaw, and I get up and heat up a hot dog in the microwave. Put in mouth, bite down right where jaw is hurting, and - Ta Da! - complete and total removal of pain! What the hell? Few more chews...honestly, if I wasn't afraid of choking myself in the middle of the night, I would have slept with the damn thing in my mouth. Probably better that I didn't, because before I could choke on it, I bet one thousand dollars the cat would have come and removed it for me - hot dogs, for whatever reason, are the one thing she will just come up and eat right out of my hand if I'm not completely on it - anything else she'll respect that it's my food and not hers, but hot dogs have some kind of random enticement for her.

After eating the hot dog, was able to sleep for 5 more hours before waking up with a bit of pain. Hot dogs are amazing! I'm gonna get fat on this hot dog/bacon diet, but I'm going to the dentist this week if at all possible so it won't be too much longer...

So if you ever have a toothache, bring out the dogs!
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Update to my 101 goals in 1001 days - have let a few things slip but trying to be back on track now...

Things I've completed:
1. Go to the Zoo - Went with K and his children to the Woodland Park Zoo in August. Sucky day, but because of the situation and not because of the Zoo.
2. Go to Northwest Trek - yep, in winter. Added a goal to go in a different season.
3.attend at least 1 play - Leading Ladies, starring my friend M, October 08
6.Go to Disneyland! - July 1-3, 2008
8.Take a road trip. - thanksgiving 08, to California with my dad and bro
9.Take a train trip. - June/July 08, with my cousin to wedding research on whether iron in my daily vitamin is really good for me - Not as necessary as I'd thought.
13.Read 33 books (at least one book per month, but sometimes I can skip a month and make it up in another) (4/33)
29.Update eyeglass prescription
59.Finalize new website.
60.Buy a computer - new laptop, April 08
76.Watch 33 movies I’ve never seen. (33/33) - this one was easier than I thought.

Things in progress:
4.attend 3 musicals - Sound of Music, Jan 08
7.Have a Girls Night out with my girls at least 3 times a year (1/8) - not quite keeping up with this.
10.Plan 3 parties. - New Years Eve 08/09 (1/3)
12.Help others with their lists (1/3) emailed someone re: financial goal about each task completed (13/101)
71.Buy 6 new bras. (2/6)
75.Discover 10 new (to me) musical groups that I like. (4/10)
80.Try my new slow cooker with two different recipes (1/2) - fondue party
81.Try cooking 15 new things I’ve never tried (5/15)
Pad See-Ew
tofu stir fry
Pork Chops! and it worked!
Bean thread noodles
Beer Bread
82.Put up at least 3 art pieces in the living room (2/3) - Yuna silk poster, framed grandma artwork.

goals I've declared failure:
34.avoid buying deodorant with aluminum in it. - I tried to do this, and found that my BO was HORRIBLE! Apparently, I need deodorant/anti-perspirant or I stink, so this isn't an option for me.

My money earning goals have been rebooted for the new year - things happened this year beyond my control and they are starting over.

You can see my full list at the top of the page on my personal journal.
Crossposted to my personal journal and my goals community.
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Had a great party last night with my dear friends.

This morning, made bacon rolls.

(Bacon, topped with lots of cream cheese, with a bit of scrambled egg on top, roll like sushi)

NOM. A definite would-eat-again. YUM YUM YUM.

Also, the sweet bf finally slept over, also fun times. :)

2009, I love you so far.
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Of my yard! :)


My backyard, showing the depth of the snow. Because it was also windy, you can see that the snow blew right up to my back door.

more snow pics this way! )
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So apparently, when we get hit with winds from the west, my area has always been hit hard.

but, when we get hit with winds from the east, (rarer), we don't get hit at all. Funny, since Enumclaw and Buckley were crazy with wind. It might be where i live in Bonney Lake (off meyers, before you actually get up the 410 hill completely) that I'm shaded from the winds coming the other direction.

I didn't even have my power really flicker even. Just a TON of 9 inches (some of you may not think that's a lot, but it is, for here.)
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It's coming on radar wind here yet but snow!

(I live between the m and the a in "Tacoma", just south of the black line (pierce county).
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I've got my flashlights, my candles, my batteries, my duct tape, my menorah, my blankets, and my lighters. i've also got charcoal and my grill, firestarters, and food provisions.

I'm prepared.

We're supposed to have up to another foot of snow (We've probably got about 4 inches on the ground now) and raging wind (50-70 mph sustained, up to 90 gusting).

I'm ready. Bring it.

Also, new userpic.
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So I've always loved the Tim Allen "Santa Clause" series of movies, but I haven't seen them in a few years. So Santa Clause 2 is on ABCFamily and I'm watching it and now it's creeping me out because I started watching Lost two years ago and Mrs. Claus is played by the same person who plays Juliet on Lost, who always creeps me out and I don't trust her. I didn't realize how strong my feelings were for her Lost character until I saw her in this movie and freaked out a little...the vibe of the whole movie is changed now for me... :( I didn't know her as an actress when I'd seen this movie the first time.
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First, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Stevia to come out on the market. You may know that aspartame gives me horrible migraine auras that make me go blind for up to 45 minutes, and I think it's horribly unsafe. Stevia has been used in Japan for years by millions of people and the FDA is stopping it from being a food additive (although it can be a dietary supplement, therefore labeling it safe and unsafe at the same time).

But Coke might release their product anyway!! This link makes me happy, maybe it will push the FDA to open it to the american public.

In political news, Dick Cheney stands behind the decisions made by the Bush administration on his way out the door, including...

Cheney also told ABC that Guantanamo Bay's detention camp should remain open until the end of the War on Terror. He said he did not know when that would be. Terror, incidentally, has been in existence... forever.

Of waterboarding, Cheney said that he supported the process of getting it cleared. He called waterboarding, "a remarkably successful effort, and I think the results speak for themselves." Actually, they don't, since we have no idea what information waterboarded detainees have provided.
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End of the year meme stolen from everywhere!

Post the first sentence from the first post of each month of 2008.

Jan: SEVEN WAYS TO GET A JUMP START ON YOUR TAXES (this is the second post, first was a links post.)

Feb: My monthly update! One month down, 32 to go!

Mar: 88 out and done. (Individuals, only, I only do one corp at this time, ours.)

Apr: I know that the other tax people I know on here keep track by sheer # of clients that come in and out, but I keep track a bit differently, so here's my tracking...

May: I found it. Encyclopedia Dramatica. This girl is more than a little nuts. (second post, first one was locked)

June: I canceled my Puzzlepirates account today.

July: Saturday was the wedding and since it wasn't until 5pm, we had most of the day to hang out. So I did. By the pool.

August: I never really watched or paid attention to Bernie Mac other than in passing.

September: Now officially single again.

October: It is now officially official: I will be the maid of honor at a wedding held AT DISNEYLAND!!!

November: Went out to see "Leading Ladies" at the Tacoma Little Theatre last night, my friend Molly was starring in it, and it was wonderful!

Dec: I'm back from california.


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