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Hey folks, been keeping up with all of you but just been more into facebook these days. However, having some issues currently that I really can't rant about there and the friend group I have here is a bit more...well, trustworthy, I guess you could say. Anonymous.

Yesterday, Monday, was a great day. Usually the phones are ringing off the hook, yet they were silent. I had some large projects on my desk, and actually finished one off and almost completed another. Just kept my head down and plowed through the work. Our business isn't bringing in very much money and it doesn't look like I'll get paid any time soon here, so it's been a bit depressing, but very motivating to finish things up that I can be paid for as quickly as I can.

Backstory, my father and I own this business together, but I control all the money. He's quite irresponsible with it and he'd spend it before we'd even earned it, and I really have to rein him in quite a bit when all is said and done. My mother is currently unemployed and looking for work, and my brother is also unemployed, out of school, and basically being a bum. Therefore, if they aren't getting paid either, they aren't getting money whatsoever at all. They are completely upside down in their house and are in the middle of renegotiating their mortgage and they think Obama's plan will save them...they've owned it for 30 years and I think they're going to move out before xmas if this doesn't work out - where will they live? NEXT DOOR TO ME (I live in a duplex they own and rent from them) AUGH. They are still about $70k in debt from credit cards which they are currently not paying (and trying to negotiate) but you can't really negotiate when you've got nothing, ya know? Anyway...

My father got some traffic tickets a while back. Speeding tickets, nothing huge, but there were like two of them in a month's time. He's constantly getting speeding tickets (maybe 1 every other year?) because he just doesn't pay attention to the way he's driving. He's not "unsafe" just likes to go faster than he should, never signals, etc. So last year I said, "Well, lets pay them" and he put them off. In July of last year, we ran out of money (so I guess I should feel good that we're only "just" running out of money now in September) and then we couldn't get his tickets paid. As soon as tax season started this year, I asked him for the tickets so I could send in the money. I asked him probably 4 or 5 times because it was very important since they were past due at this point. Well he never did and I'd forgotten about it, since I've been paying him a paycheck again I figured he took care of it.

Well, he didn't. This morning he was pulled over for speeding and they told him his license had been suspended since OCTOBER 08. My brother was in the car, so he took over driving for dad and they didn't arrest him, thank god, but I don't have the money for those things now! On top of that, mom called me - she's pretty pissed about it as well - and asked me to pay for an oil change for her car! My parents are driving to boise to visit my aunt this weekend - and my aunt sent them money for gas, my mother is pissed because my brother and her have to now split the long drive and can't rely on dad to help them. I just don't think they can afford this trip, they just don't seem to see that...

Dad then asked me for money for his medicines. That's about $200. I'm sorry, but our business needs to PAY RENT and things to stay open, I honestly just don't have anything extra. I'm kind of in denial still about not paying my own self, not quite sure how to pull out the $6000 again from credit cards to short term loan myself my own bills for the upcoming few months, I just don't know how I'm gonna do it.

On top of all this (I know this is a little thing, but it's irritating) Walmart has announced a recall on all the durabrand DVD players they sold ever (about 1.2 million) because they've been shown to meltdown and never play again, and in certain cases have started fires. I own one, it's in my bedroom, and I've always hated it (it's noisy while it plays) so I'm actually wanting to turn it in, but it was only $29 in the first place and I can't really afford to replace it so I guess it's no dvd player for a while...unless walmart has another fire-starting dvd player on sale? $29 I guess will pay for my phone bill for one more month.

It's just kind of all hitting me today, I feel like I'm just going to cry.

There's also some random "hanging out and being single" issues that I'm having, but currently the financial issues of the family completely trump that, and I'm ready to throw up my hands and walk away. I'm just so... done. I am so glad PAX is this weekend, the getaway will be so good for me.
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