Feb. 18th, 2010

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Feb. 18th, 2010 10:11 pm
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A - List 7 habits/quirks/facts.
B - Tag 7 people to do the same
C - Don't tag the person who tagged you, or tag "Whoever wants to do it".

1. I do not know how to snap, whistle, or ride a bike. I have learned how to fake-snap, can do a high pitched dog-whistleish sort of thing, and I can ride a bike with training wheels, but that's it. I'm just not that interested, I suppose.

2. I have pasta cravings now that I'm trying to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. I don't really enjoy eating protein, sadly. But hopefully it will come.

3. I can only really be with someone who is verbally/emotionally intimate. If someone doesn't know how to put their feelings into words, it really bothers me and makes me want to point it out all the time. It just doesn't work. I really appreciate people who own their feelings, and are always striving to be better. People consider me to be stable and reliable, but it's mostly because when I am emotional, I put it out there and try to understand it and work past it.

4. I like watching reality tv. Some of it. Mostly the celebreality, not the normal everyday people. Don't know why that is.

5. I enjoy music, but I enjoy the logics of music more than I love the artisticness of it. This is why I cannot write music but arranging comes very naturally and I enjoy the structure of the chords and harmonies.

6. I truly feel that young people get stupider with each generation. I realize that every generation feels that way about younger people, but I feel like it is even more true these days. Such a shame too, considering all the information out there is so much easier to look up, learn, and enjoy, in more and more interesting ways. I can't believe I didn't have the internet until college, although I guess I also didn't have the distraction of the internet either.

7. I wish sometimes that I could just stop getting older.

Tagging? Oh man, I'm not here enough to even know who to tag!


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