Jan. 8th, 2009


Jan. 8th, 2009 06:15 pm
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Went to the dentist yesterday for the toothache issue.

He found:
Severe gum inflammation all along the right side, lower.
A very small cavity right about center of where the pain was, but really couldn't believe that was causing the inflammation by itself.
A large cavity on my upper teeth on the very back tooth(other than the wisdom tooth) on that side, which wasn't where I was hurting at all, so he was confused about if that would have done it.
That I had some decay on my wisdom teeth and so I should get them all extracted - but good news! I only have two!! and is probably the reason for the gum ache/jaw ache with the bacteria and inflammation. (but might not be, just probably)

So next thursday I get a filling on the large cavity and then extraction of my two wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth. I'm a bit amazed that this entire time I've had two extra teeth on the one side of my mouth and never noticed, I thought I had 4 wisdom teeth...apparently not.

After tax season I'll get the full oral exam and he'll check out the rest of my teeth as well as filling the smaller cavity in the lower jaw.

He also gave me a bacterial rinse and after using it only twice so far, has improved the pain IMMENSELY. He also gave me Vicodin, which I've never taken and am a bit nervous about, but I'm halving them and only using half if I absolutely need help sleeping (which is apparently all you should be doing on Vicodin)!

So I'm VERY nervous about next Thursday - any advice from anyone who has had their wisdom teeth out and wants to share?

Also, I'm wondering if I should try to borrow an Ipod or mp3 player from someone for use during the procedure, I don't own anything like that for myself, I'm not a big fan, but for something like this it's almost motivating enough to spend the money (that I don't actually have).

I have planned a reward for myself when I live through this, though!!! :)


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