Jan. 3rd, 2009

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Update to my 101 goals in 1001 days - have let a few things slip but trying to be back on track now...

Things I've completed:
1. Go to the Zoo - Went with K and his children to the Woodland Park Zoo in August. Sucky day, but because of the situation and not because of the Zoo.
2. Go to Northwest Trek - yep, in winter. Added a goal to go in a different season.
3.attend at least 1 play - Leading Ladies, starring my friend M, October 08
6.Go to Disneyland! - July 1-3, 2008
8.Take a road trip. - thanksgiving 08, to California with my dad and bro
9.Take a train trip. - June/July 08, with my cousin to wedding
11.do research on whether iron in my daily vitamin is really good for me - Not as necessary as I'd thought.
13.Read 33 books (at least one book per month, but sometimes I can skip a month and make it up in another) (4/33)
29.Update eyeglass prescription
59.Finalize new website.
60.Buy a computer - new laptop, April 08
76.Watch 33 movies I’ve never seen. (33/33) - this one was easier than I thought.

Things in progress:
4.attend 3 musicals - Sound of Music, Jan 08
7.Have a Girls Night out with my girls at least 3 times a year (1/8) - not quite keeping up with this.
10.Plan 3 parties. - New Years Eve 08/09 (1/3)
12.Help others with their lists (1/3) emailed someone re: financial goal
39.blog about each task completed (13/101)
71.Buy 6 new bras. (2/6)
75.Discover 10 new (to me) musical groups that I like. (4/10)
80.Try my new slow cooker with two different recipes (1/2) - fondue party
81.Try cooking 15 new things I’ve never tried (5/15)
Pad See-Ew
tofu stir fry
Pork Chops! and it worked!
Bean thread noodles
Beer Bread
82.Put up at least 3 art pieces in the living room (2/3) - Yuna silk poster, framed grandma artwork.

goals I've declared failure:
34.avoid buying deodorant with aluminum in it. - I tried to do this, and found that my BO was HORRIBLE! Apparently, I need deodorant/anti-perspirant or I stink, so this isn't an option for me.

My money earning goals have been rebooted for the new year - things happened this year beyond my control and they are starting over.

You can see my full list at the top of the page on my personal journal.
Crossposted to my personal journal and my goals community.


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